Star Wars: Episode VII

An expert opinion

By now, you have hopefully seen the latest Star Wars: Episode VII trailer. I would not be surprised if you have seen it 10 times and thoroughly studied the 3 minute masterpiece frame by frame. The score for the trailer is magnificent!

The scuttle-butt around our office water-cooler is the simple fact that Luke is not shown in the trailer. There are many theories floating around the web and the most fascinating of the bunch is the theory that claims that Luke Skywalker has been converted to the Dark Side like his father, Anakin Skywalker, most notably known as Darth Vader (Pause for readers new to Star Wars to gasp).

What the followers of this theoretical course of fictional history have on their side is the simple fact that Mark Hamill is not shown at all in the latest trailer, or any trailer for the film. Harrison Ford and Chewbacca are back in their full glory, while Mark is curiously absent...

Those opposed to the theory claim that there is no way to tell for sure yet still refuse to accept the claim has any validity. Though hypocritical, opposers seem to be distraught that the precious Luke Skywalker could ever do such a thing. 

To the theory's defense, a lot could have happened between the time Episode VI ended and Episode VII begins. From my point of view, Luke had already lived a treacherous life full of heart-break, scandal, and danger. If time is a measure of what was to come after Episode VI, Luke was far from finished with his antics and very far from a happily ever after.

See you on December 17th at the theater!


p.s. I'll be dressed as an Ewok.